Heather Mull

Dear Sangrock,

I would like to take a moment to express how much I enjoy Cage Fitness. Not only have I lost weight and inches, I have also found my drive for a healthy lifestyle again.  These past couple of years I have been struggling to get back into consistent exercise.  This past fall I learned I have high blood pressure I knew I needed to get back into regular exercise.  The Cage Fitness classes started at just the perfect time.  Not only am I doing the classes but I have also started running again and eating better.
I have found myself growing stronger- at the beginning I had trouble performing 1 complete Around the World push-up across the bag, now I can do 3 complete take a quick breath and do more.  I am able to do Mountain Climbers and Spiderman push-ups both of which I struggled with keeping a good pace back in January.  I am so proud of my accomplishments; both Noah and Margee are encouraging to me and the others to keep pushing ourselves.
I know the program is growing slower than anticipated at the Wesley Chapel location. Most of all I wanted you to know Cage Fitness has brought so much to my health.

Heather Mull