Ms. Catherine B. Nazahah

Ms. Catherine is energetic, caring, articulate, and friendly, with a professional demeanor. She is proud mother of two children, ages 10 and 4 . Ms Catherine was born and raised in the caribbean. She moved to the Charlotte to explore opportunities and to continue her education. Ms. Catherine came to Sangrock as a parent, looking for an afterschool activity for her 8 year old son. Her son needed a positive outlet to release extra energy, become more focused, physically fit, and to learn the art of self-defense. A life skill kids need to know as we send them out into the world. Ms. Catherine' s love for taekwondo grew deeper, as she supported her son on his Taekwondo journey. It was at that point she became a valued member of our staff. Ms.Catherine learned the many ways taekwondo benefits adults. Once it's made a part of one's everyday living. After which she began to practice taekwondo alongside her children, as a family at Sangrock Black Belt World. She is a great team player who love to help people. Ms. Catherine has been a part of our taekwondo family for three years and counting.