Women’s Self Defense

Sangrock Black Belt World has teamed up with the RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) System to bring you classes that teach realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. It is a 9-hour comprehensive course that includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction, risk avoidance, and the basics of hands–on defense training. Our training is designed to give students the opportunity to practice their skills, so an effective defense will become a natural reaction to an attack.
Our course is taught by Lynn Gorski, who is certified to teach the RAD System of Women’s Self- Defense throughout the United States and Canada. She holds a 4th Degree Black Belt from Sangrock Black Belt World in Charlotte, NC. Click below for the current schedule and the registration forms, or Contact Lynn at (Lgorski@mindspring.com)

Cost: $60; $30 for each additional female in the family.

Kids Safety and Self-Defense Training – December 18th, 2016 – 1PM-3PM – Last Class of 2016
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Why the RAD System?
The RAD System is actually a functioning network of dedicated self-defense instructors that was established in 1989. It is dedicated to teaching women defensive concepts and techniques against various types of assault, by utilizing easy, effective, and proven self-defense tactics. Our system of realistic defense will provide a woman with the knowledge to make an educated decision about resistance. We operate on the premise that a spontaneous violent attack will stimulate a natural desire to resist. We educate women about the flight or fight syndrome, while showing them that enhancing their option of physical defense is not only prudent, but a necessity if natural resistance is to be effective. The RAD System is the only self-defense course ever endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.

This course should be considered a MUST for young women preparing to leave home to attend college. Statistics show that 1 out of 4 college women reported being sexually assaulted sometime during their four years.The growing and widespread acceptance of the RAD System is primarily due to the ease, simplicity, and effectiveness of our tactics, solid research, legal defensibility, and unique teaching methodology.

Who may enroll in Sangrock’s RAD Program?
RAD is for women and teen girls only. You need not be enrolled in the taekwondo program. The contents of the course were developed based on the natural movements and abilities of women in order to maximize a woman’s ability to defend herself. This program is designed for all women, including the average woman with no previous experience or background in physical skills training.

A minor (age 17 and under) must first receive permission from her parent or legal guardian before participating in any of the activities of RAD. It is very common for mothers and daughters to attend this program together. In addition to developing and enhancing their options of self defense, it seems to be a great bonding experience for them.

Rape Statistics:
Every minute in America, there are 1.3 forcible rapes of adult women, 78 each hour, 1,871 each day, 56,916 each month 683,000 every year.
Only 10-16% of rapes are reported.
Of 123,850 women reporting rape or attempted rape, 41.3% occurred in the daytime, 58.7% occurred at night.
Women who are forceful about resisting a would-be rapist are less likely to be raped and no more likely to be injured than those who resist weakly or not at all.
In a study of 60 women who were assaulted, women who made absolutely no attempt to resist were all raped. It is only by resisting that women have a chance to avoid being raped.
1 out of 4 college women reported being sexually assaulted sometime during their four years.
1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed rape, 1 in 7; 2.8% attempted rape, 1 in 36). DOJ Jan 2006
Rape victims may be forced through threats or physical means. 8 out of 10 rapes, no weapon is used other than physical force.
U.S. Department of Justice. 2004 National Crime Victimization Survey. 2004.
29% are age 12-17.
44% are under age 18.
80% are under age 30.
12-34 are the highest risk years.
Girls ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.
RAD recommends all women including high school and college students take the training. Please e-mail Lynn at LGorski@mindspring.com with any questions. Any woman who has taken the training previously is invited to return for practice, free of charge. Please check out the RAD website at http://www.rad-systems.com