Youth & Adult Program

Youth Program
Ages 6-12:

The Youth program is specifically designed for children between the ages of seven to twelve. This program will greatly enhance your child’s focusing skills, instill self-discipline and self- control, and increase self-confidence. We believe these traits will build a strong character and set a solid foundation for each of our students. These lessons will not only help them to improve their grades in school, but they will also prepare them to resist peer pressure and excel in life’s challenges

Adult Program
You will experience a combination of exercises for both the body and the mind. Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will strengthen the body; stretching will help develop optimum flexibility; warm-up exercises and sparring routines will develop cardiovascular fitness; and deep breathing and concentration exercises will relax your mind, sharpen your responses and promote energy.The adult program is great for beginners and for those with experience. Between our schools, the Masters have a wide variety of teaching methods that will give you an excellent workout and help with overall health and fitness.